Kid’s Christian Devotional {On Fleek}

On fleek, flawless, on point – these are all words that describe the same thing – perfection.  We long to be perfect, and we celebrate perfection with our friends. It is easier for us sometimes to think that other people are perfect and we are not.  Sometimes we think this because people act like they are perfect. We might even think our parents are perfect. But I can tell you that this is not true.

One thing we must remember is that God loves us no matter what and understands that we are not perfect.  We might work towards perfecting some things in our life, like our grades, talents or hobbies – but that does not mean we obtain perfection.  One reason this is good, is because God does not require us to be perfect to be in His presence. Since his Son, Jesus died for us, we only need a relationship with Him to appear perfect and blameless to God the Father.  God knows, as it says in the Bible, that “ for all have sinned, and fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23).

We may really want to be on fleek, with our hair, our eyebrows, clothes, shoes – our reputation (which is how others see us), but we do not need to stress or beat ourselves up to try and become perfect.  God reminds us of this in today’s chosen verse “Consider the lilies, how they grow. They don’t toil, neither do they spin; yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.” (Luke12:27, WEB).

Solomon was a king who was very rich and could afford any clothes, shoes or things that made him look nice in the eyes of his people – yet God said that He wasn’t even arrayed (or dressed) as nice as the lilies of the field.  Lillies are flowers that bloom (or show their petals) only once in their lifetime, and they only live for up to four weeks – In perspective, humans live for an average of about 80 years! If God dresses and takes care of plants in a field that are basically here today and gone tomorrow, think of how much He cares for you – no matter what you are wearing!

The big idea here is that God loves us just the way we are.  We do not have to prove our worth to Him, we just need to believe in Him and His Son Jesus Christ.  This relationship will bring us more joy than trying to be perfect ever could!

Remember to say to yourself today:

I am perfect in the sight of God because of His Son Jesus.

I am chosen, loved and accepted by Jesus, no matter how I look!

Though I can’t be perfect on my own, I can with Jesus.


Lord, please help me to understand that You alone are perfect.  I can try to be perfect all I want, but only You Lord, can bring perfection.  Please help me to understand today how much you love me, and help me to love others.  In Jesus name, Amen

If you are just now hearing something like this for the first time, and do not know Jesus – there will be a link below for first steps to getting to know Jesus on the englishinkmedia.come website.  For God so loved the world (that means everyone) that He gave His One and Only Son, that whosoever (which means anyone) believes in Him should not perish (never die) but have everlasting life (meaning live forever!).

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Have a great day lovelies!

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