Kid’s Christian Devotions {Speak Life}

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Words are important.

One of my favorite songs is Speak Life by Toby Mac because in the song, the singer reminds us how much power words have – they are powerful to bring the dead to life, to light up the dark, to heal broken hearts.

Our words are powerful. We are told over and over in the bible that our words are powerful. The biggest example I know of in the bible that shows the power of the word – where the word gets its power is John 1:1, which says “In the beginning the word already existed, the word was with God, and the word was God” (NLT). But we must remember that we have an enemy, who is the great deceiver and imitator, who twists and uses words and their power against us. One of the best examples of that imitation comes from the book of Exodus. In this book, God himself sent his servants and prophets, Moses and Aaron to speak to the stubborn leader of Egypt – the Pharaoh. God wanted Pharoah to let his people, who were being held as slaves (prisoners) by Pharoah, go free to worship him in the wilderness. Pharoah got a good deal of free work out of the people he held as slaves, and did not want to let them go. God gave Moses and Aaron power to use signs and wonders to move the heart of Pharaoh to let his people go free, but Pharaoh was stubborn. One of the reasons Pharaoh remained so stubborn was that each time Moses and Aaron did something miraculous, like turn water to blood, or bring a plague of frogs to plague the people of egypt, these people called magicians were able to conjure up their own magic and imitate the very thing that Moses and Aaron did.

The first miracle was that Moses and Aaron’s staff (walking stick) became a serpent (snake) in front of the people (Exodus 7, NLT). Likewise the magicians were able to make their sticks serpents as well. Even though Moses and Aaron’s serpent swallowed up all the other serpents, Pharoah still did not let the slaves go free. The imitation of God’s miracles kept getting in the way. Moses and Aaron turned water into blood; so did the magicians, they brought frogs to plague everyone; so did the magicians. However, Moses and Aaron, through the power of God brought a plague of gnats to cover the people, the magicians finally relented and told Pharaoh – “This is the finger of God,” and Pharaoh’s heart remained stubborn. By the time it came to the plague of flies the magicians had stopped imitating, and Pharaoh started to break. Through a series of other plagues, death of livestock, festering boils (that even the magicians could not stop on themselves,) a devastating hail storm that took out the food supply and damaged buildings, and a plague of locusts that ate everything that was left over, darkness that covered the earth, and death to the firstborn child of everyone under Pharaoh’s rule (to exclude God’s people who obeyed His commands), God was finally able to move the stubbornness of Pharaoh’s heart to release His people (Exodus 7-12, NLT).

Through this story, it is easy to see how the imitation of God’s miracles can capture the attention of humans and lead them to believe that they do not have to fear or obey God because they are distracted by the spectacle (the show).

Words are the same way, and in a sense we are in a battlefield of words everyday. Just take a second to think about the many thoughts that go through your head each day – or that you say to other people. Speaking life is when we pour life into ourselves or other people and combat the words that cause darkness or death. These words do not necessarily cause death right away, but they can cause the spirit within a person to feel bad, shrink and want to give up. We can either help people feel better with our words, or make them feel worse – same with what we tell ourselves.

Are we bold enough to say that speaking life and all other good things come from God only, and that ugly dark and stressful words come from our enemy (James 1:17)? Yes, we are. But, we need to be smart and know that sometimes our enemy tries to dress up ugly words and and ugly things and make them seem pretty and good. For this reason, we must always tell the truth and say what we mean.

“I am the way, the TRUTH and the life” – Jesus (John 14:6, NLT)

“The Word of God will never fail” Angel of God (Luke 1:37)

This last scripture is so important, remember the Word of God will never fail:

People will lie to you in this life and try to make you feel bad, but the battle is yours to win with God’s word!

If someone calls you stupid, remember God gives wisdom to those who ask (James 1:5)

If someone calls you ugly, remember God has made everything beautiful in its time – including you (Ecclesiastes 3:11)

If someone makes remarks on your weight or appearance, remember you are fearfully and wonderfully made – God works are wonderful and I am one of them (Psalm 139:14)

If they say you don’t belong – I belong to Jesus, and he has a place for me (Romans 8)

These are just some scriptures to remember to help you combat the lies the enemy comes against us with!

Prayer: Lord, please help us to be able to separate the truth from the lies. Help us to want more of Your Truth so that we may be full of life and able to pass it on to others. Help me to speak life into those around me today.

In Jesus name, Amen.

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