Happy National Good Neighbor Day!


What is a neighbor? We pass people on the street and in stores all the time. Who is considered our neighbor? The traditional definition is that our neighbor is the person that is living next door to us. However, I think it has been generally adopted, especially in Christian circles, that our neighbors are all people. One of the people most responsible for bringing about this change of definition is Mr. Rogers. He looked at everyone as a neighbor. He also treated everyone as a person with dignity. One of his quotes is, “Love is at the base of everything, or the lack of it.” I have always admired Mr. Rogers and how he lived life.  He was a man that lived for his neighbor and was kind, generous, loving and accepting of people’s faults and failures. A man I strive to be more like.  So, on “Good Neighbor Day” I think we should all try to be a little like Mr. Rogers in our own neighborhoods aka, lives. In the words of Mr. Rogers on Good Neighbor Day: “Please won’t you be, My Neighbor.”

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